Installing a Treatment Zone

A treated zone around your home can a powerful and protective action you can take to gain long lasting residual benefit against the hidden threat of termites to your home.

To install a treated zone to you home, a continuous treatment of non - repellent or repellent chemical is applied to the soil abutting your foundations and the concrete that abuts your house is drilled and is injected with the chemical using a special tool at between 150mm and 300mm centres to ensure all round protection for your home.

Once applied the chemical molecules bind tightly to the soil particles so that they won't easily be leeched or removed from the soil by rain, hosing or irrigation.

Installing a treated zone offers your most important assets, your family and home:

1. Long term residual protection from the hidden treat of termites for up to 10 years before re-treatment may be required.
2. Quick initial termite management
3. Low concentration termite treatment without smells
4. Products that have low toxicity to people, animals and wildlife that are fully approved by the National Pesticides & Veterinary Authority in the A.C.T. for use in your particular situation
5. Non toxic on plants, earthworms or soil micro-organisms

By Choosing C.P.R Pest Management you can ensure the effectiveness of your treated zone. We will ensure all chemicals are applied at the correct concentrations, exceed Australian standard and will be applied in an approved manner.
We use and recommend Termidor non repellent and Biflex repellent termicide

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