We are so confident in the CPR Termite Baiting System program and proven colony eradication techniques that we are happy to give our customers our termite free guarantee.


If you find active termites within one year of our installation of a baiting system at your house, we will treat the infestation at no cost to you whatsoever using our proven baiting system technology in accordance with the manufacturers standards.

In addition we will:

  • Give you $1,000 for any inconvenience caused
  • Extend our termite free guarantee for a further 12 months
  • Give you 2 complimentary six monthly termite inspections on that property in the next 12 month period       on top of our regular baiting system inspections


This termite Guarantee is renewable for the life of the structure upon annual chargeable renewal of the baiting system, and 6 monthly inspections to AS 3660 by CPR Pest Management Services Pty Ltd.

We hate to be overloaded with conditions to guarantees so we have narrowed it down to 5 important conditions, these allow the superior baiting system and our expert termite baiting techniques time to work.

1.    The guarantee only comes in to affect once the initial termite activity has been eradicated by CPR Pest Management Services Pty Ltd license technician, and all conducive conditions identified in the initial termite inspection to AS 3660 have been removed or rectified, and the account has been finalised in full.
2.    You have notified CPR in writing of any removal or damage to the termite baiting stations as soon as possible.
3.    A CPR license technician needs to see active termites in the baiting system protected house to verify an active termite infestation, only CPR approved bait systems are covered by this Guarantee program.
4.    The CPR termite free guarantee is conditional upon you agreeing to renew your bating system annually, full payment must be finalized on or before the renewal due date to CPR Pest Management PTY LTD.
5.    Only CPR Approved bait systems are covered under this guarantee.

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