Pre Purchase Inspections

You wouldn't buy a used car and then use the car yards mechanic for the Roadworthy Certificate would you?
So why buy a house and use a pest controller that the Real Estate or Conveyances has recommended?

At CPR PEST MANAGEMENT we do not get referrals from real estates, conveyances or solicitors on a regular basis. We get most of our Pre Purchase inspections from word of mouth or advertising.

We offer a thorough and impartial pre purchase pest report which consists of 15 Typed pages in a binder with a CD Rom of photo's of your property.
A pre-purchase timber pest Inspector will report on all areas of the homes sub-floor, roof void, internal rooms and all areas within 50 metres of the dwelling or within the properties fence line. Your inspector will report on defects such as:
•  Termite activity whether active or inactive.
•  Any past termite treatments where evidence or paperwork is provided.
•  Borer damage to dry seasoned timbers.
•  Significant wood decay.
•  Poor sub-floor ventilation.
•  Recommendations to help prevent future termite attack.

We recommend your pest inspection be carried out in conjunction with a building inspection so any termite damage detected can be assessed by the building inspector to determine what repairs are required.

A combined Building and Pest inspection should be carried out by two individual inspectors attending the property where possible at the same time. Where by two separate reports are composed. This results in the inspectors conducting a more thorough report and has the added advantage of two inspectors going over the same areas lowering the chance of a defect being missed.

(At C.P.R we have a couple of building inspectors that we regularly work with and trust, and can arrange on your behalf.)

Our technicians are all fully qualified in all aspects of termite management and are fully insured with over 15 years experience. We conduct all pre purchase inspections as per AS4349.3 of the Australian Standards for Pest Management.

So remember SAVE YOUR HOME TODAY! And Give CPR Pest management a call!

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