Termite Treatment

C.P.R Pest management are specialists in eliminating termite colonies using systematic multi-step termite management systems.

These systems are the only management products available that will kill the entire termite colony.

These systems use a number of unique stations for inground and above ground interception of active termites.

Once intercepted by the highly palatable wood contained within the stations, the use of non-toxic food grade cellulose bait is added that has an active ingredient in it that prevents the termite from being able to moult (an important part of the termites life cycle) and uses this scientific discovery to eliminate the colony.

The bait itself is no more toxic that table salt and is all place in tamper resistant bait stations. Meaning these systems are a lot safer for you and your family than more conventional Chemical Treatments.

For more information regarding these systems contact C.P.R Pest Management or follow the links provided

www.nemesis.au.com or www.exterra.com.au

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